Who We Are


Swag Productions is a production company based in Brighton. We provide moving image, photography and multimedia packages for clients and offer a complete production service catering to your specific needs. We combine decades of work and expertise in the media industry and our core members have worked on numerous feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos and high profile digital campaigns.


Jolyon Thompson is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer who cut his teeth in the UK film industry. Jolyon is a passionate director with a keen eye for storytelling who has worked in collaboration with the UK Film Council and Screen South. Jolyon’s film work has featured in the Commonwealth film festival and has been broadcast on terrestrial television. His portfolio spans many different genres as he is obsessed with the shot, the structure and the story, in all of their many guises.

Eva Baker is an award-winning producer and journalist who honed her production skills working in London and New York. Eva has a diverse background in journalism and editorial and has a gift for the written word. Eva has also worked as a digital and social media consultant in London, working with a wide range of companies, from bands to brands, to creatively build their online audiences.

Adam Lavis is one of the great editors. He has the unique distinction of being a double Grierson winner for the seminal documentary, Here’s Johnny, and is the oil in Swag’s post machine. He has the heart and soul of a true film warrior.


We all started our careers in London, but Brighton is now our home and we prefer it down here. We can produce work far more economically than in London and we feel the setting inspires a different sort of thinking. We are an hour from London, but also a world away.

“The sweet smell of success smells like Brighton.” – Laurence Olivier.